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Who We Are

There has been a Senior Softball team in Kapaa since the 1990s.  

Major highlights since then include:

  • Pake Domdoma assumed the position of Coach, which he held thru 2011.

  • Jerome Hew had been the administrative backbone of the team for many years.  He served as President, Treasurer, Chairman of the Tournament, and even coached in 2010!  

  • Current Officers are:  Paul Hurley - President;  Paul Silva - Vice President; Bill Correia - Treasurer; and Gary Duerst - Secretary and Webmaster.  

  • Sia Salausa, after playing for Pake for 1 year, became the Player/Coach for the team.  The Gents have been in the top tier of teams in the Kaua'i League for the last 4 years.

  • In 2015, another East Kauai team was formed, leading to the establishment of the East Kauai Senior Softball Club, which is composed of the East Kauai Gents and the East Kauai Legends.